Home Mover Mortgage Loan

Home mover mortgages otherwise known as home mortgage loans - these are mortgages from lenders for people who already own a home but are relocating or thinking about relocation for reasons such as needing a bigger home because of children or needing a smaller home when children grow up and move out, another popular reason for moving is when changing jobs due to increasing flexibility in the labour market. You may already be accustomed to the process of buying a property.

Most lenders offer home mover mortgages with a range of fixed rates, discounts and flexible mortgages. Some offer base rate tracker mortgages, and some will give cash backs. Click on the link on the side bar of this page to read about the different mortgage products that are available. Reading the information on this site for first time buyers and the information on remortgaging will give you all the information that you need.

If you already own your own home, but are looking to move then a home mover mortgage could be right for you. It is a good idea to contact a mortgage broker before you start looking in order to get a mortgage in principle, meaning that estate agents and sellers will take your offers more seriously.

Home mover mortgages are available with variable, fixed, capped or tracker rates, please speak to a mortgage adviser for more information.

As well as those in regular employment with a good credit history, some lenders also accept those with non standard employment eg contractors or those with multiple jobs or those whose income consists largely of bonuses or commission etc.

Specialist bad credit mortgage lenders also able to help those with a bad credit history for example, county court judgements (ccj), mortgage arrears, ex-bankrupts and those with IVA.

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